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Our jump jump straight onto this Lucio or try and jump on this mercy who looks like she’s about to come back over in this direction based on where she’s walking instead we just jump down while were the numbers disadvantage and start walking at their tank line we’re doing a lot of fighting tanks which is what we want to be doing as little love as possible as Winston so we’ve been out of numbers disadvantage as well so that’s not really the time we want to go and either we’re waiting for Cree to setback right now and we’re just kind of standing.

Around taking a lot of damage in the choke point rather than just sort of backing off and waiting for a regroup we’ve now lost Reaper right as Cree is getting back before he just gets killed again so right now we’re back down both of our DPS but Mercy’s about to read Reds both of them reads Jesus Christ snow right there we have an port unity to jump on their back line again we see right around here we see that that Lucia was running around the discord or balloon him and he’s getting shot at as wells we could just jump on him straight.

Out but then he regroups over here with their mercy and there’s Aria again Zaria no charge she can’t really help anybody and she probably used her bubble somewhere during that but I wasn’t keeping so super close attention Enif I’m to be honest with you either way though she can’t really help them so we can’t you can’t bottle both of them sow could just jump over there and start bullying around their back line again which is what we’re trying to do is Winston as much as possible instead we’re just kind of standing around.

On the point and maybe it’s because it’s in overtime right now so we really don’t want to leave the point but we do want to just try and get into their linebacker that’s what your ultimate goals as women so most of the time instead we’re just kind of like jumping around doing a lot of front line.